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Baby, don't say goodbye.

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School:Woodlands Secondary School [2008-Present]

About you:I'm Friendly and love to go out with friends:). i am very socialable!i am easy to talk to!!!
I love to stay at home but sometime 2 bored until i wanna go out and take a break!
honestli,i reali reali cnnt survive without my handphone.hahaha:)any problem call me 84885328 or add me at msn huiwei954@hotmail.com(fb also)

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010 { 4:42 AM }

 i dun reali feel very good today!not because of anything i think because its me which does not feel
right!i dun know!i am now having 2 head instead of 1...well everything went perfectli fine today..nth
wrong today but eventualli i dun know why maybe i did something which make me and that person
life change!i kinda like that person!kinda cute and kinda nice and nvever meet that person b4....!
and then i dun know lah i kinda miss that person lei..walao!zzz!sian...!ai....!well can someone help
me to solve this problem!alah not in the mood to type k bb

Saturday, June 19, 2010 { 4:52 AM }

 well sorie for not updating my blog for days and days and weeks and weeks sorie!haha!well today juz
bored thats why i got the time to update my bloggy!haha!well dun mind eh?!well haha!today is kinda bored
day in my whole life man!this is because i am so bored!lol!nth to do at my aunty and uncle house!whose fault
fault haha!well hehe!this is kinda bored man now!haha!well after i am back from cambodia,i got so bored
busy and kinda blur also!i went to malaysia after i went to cambodia man!haha!well so busy!dun be envy of
me lah haha!lol!sorie self praise!hehe!well lets talk bout yesterday and today stuff!hehe!well having dun with
GF!dun get it wrong!(girl)(friend) haha!hehe!well coz we went to giant to do project but eventualli we finish it
and we did the project wrongli!-.-'''!haha!well dun say we stupid or blur coz we never see the paper!hahaa!:)
well after that i saw TRANSFORMER ANIMATED!wow!so nice!haha!well it is kinda nice!and i feel
myself like a small kid man!haha!and then i got into a very fun time with my friends at MACDORNALD!
wanna know why!this is because we add some chilli,curry sauce,ice cream,coca cola,and hot and spicy spice
to the thingy and then u all wanna know wat?!it looks SO SO SO SLIMY!hehe!like.....!haha!lol!i dun wanna
say lah later u all say me pervert!haha!lol!and then yesterday after my mums got home,i got scolded for not
packing up my things and left all my things here and there!haha!lol!dun be sad huiwei!haha!this part is for me!
HAHA!anyway i went to giant and bought 2 packet of seedweed!and i show off at my seaweed at him!haha!
and then he scolded me for it!haha!and then my abang sky wanna call me but eventualli i am not free so we
nver got the chance to chat!lol!sad!and he kinda busy with his matair and left me along sia!lol!i so sad!hehe!
and then now i kinda finish my dinner and now here typing my thingy and show u all!well!before that i spent
my time with mak aku and then and nenek aku and grandpa!i went to CWP to have my breakfast and lunch!
haha!well dun say anything coz i follow my mum not to eat breakfast!haha!k lorx now finishing my blog k lah
bye bye hope that i remember to update my belove blog soon!haha!god bless me!haha!hehe!bye bye!