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School:Woodlands Secondary School [2008-Present]

About you:I'm Friendly and love to go out with friends:). i am very socialable!i am easy to talk to!!!
I love to stay at home but sometime 2 bored until i wanna go out and take a break!
honestli,i reali reali cnnt survive without my handphone.hahaha:)any problem call me 84885328 or add me at msn huiwei954@hotmail.com(fb also)

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Monday, May 24, 2010 { 3:28 AM }

 today got a very HUGE news i wanna share with all of u man!haha!wanna know?!well tell u all lah haha!

i did a mistake in npcc parade today!and it is in front of the whole school man!WTF!i thought i know the

whole thing i promise my self not to make mistake and i make mistake!oh god!now i think teacher must be

mad at me!soob soob!walao!how sia like that!i gonna cry man!haha!no lah u think i cry so easiliy meh?!hehe

well wanna know wat i am doin today?ok here is the story of the whole process and wat i do the whole day

in school:)!well it was such a tired day after i wake up from my belove bed and headed to the bathroom to

have a nice and hot bath!wow!shiok!haha!and then i spent my time on my NPCC uniform!around 15 min

and then i went to pack my bag!after that i wear my jacker to school feeling nervous!hehe!well dun care!

then after that on the way to school,i was thinking of the NPCC pledge!and then i reach school in a few

moment!haha!then i went to canteen to have a seat and go chat with my friend!hahah!wanna know who is

he well dun tell u but i can tell u a very obvious hint!(he like sian keng!)haha!opps!later he say i like some

one else man!haha!dun care!hehe!then after that i lent his IPOD to play and spent time with my english

storyline!wat crap!and then after that my friend came and sit with me and all of them ask me 1 question!

why u wear full uniform!well it is so obvious that it is because i need to wear it for NPCC day man!haha!

well and then after that we play "truth or dare!"and then i kena me lei!so unfair sia!haha!anyway nth is fair

and then i went to fall in at the carpark for my rehearsal sia!haha!dun ask me why!well today i am the

parade commander sia!scary u know!hehe!well and i almost cry sia!so scary siol!kimak!hehe!and then

after that i rehearse for 5 min and the actual thing start!well actualli the councillor should be the wan saying

the command and then the DM come and tell me commander u do the command!OMG!wat the hell!zzz!

i am totalli in a serious shock man!then i look at my teacher for signal!then finalli he nod his head!oh god!

so scary i say the command so softli coz i scare ma!dun blame me sia!haha!after that i finish all the parade

with alot of serious mistake!teacher never say anything to me but i bet he is disappointed sia!haha!well dun

care lah haha!and then i wanna change to school uniform!but never bring white shoe!die!.......!lol!!!!!!!!!!!

and then i went to english lesson!which show us movie and call us hand in homework!haha!lucky aku buat!

HAHA!and then go DNT lesson!well the teacher is lame but good towards me!and then he show us

high school musical!now u know why i say he is lame?!ahaha!lol!and then SS teacher never come to school

and then we go to our form teacher home room sia and then teacher give us grade for our CDP thingy!

and then MT we watch a dog movie!and then all my friend call me dog!AND THE DOG NAME IS CALL

SOCKS!lol!hahaa!and then go meeting for campleader!and then finalli time to go home!hehehe!and then

well here i am talking to all of u!hahaa!anyway dun blame me if i did badli for my parade!this is my 1st

time sia!haha!k lah bb:)

Friday, May 21, 2010 { 6:07 AM }

 hey guys i am now very tired!and today something very paiseh thing happen!walao!wanna know!

then continue reading my blog lorx!haha!anyway today i got scolded by teacher!wanna know which tcher?

IT IS MR QUEK!I feel so malu sia!kimak!he scold me in front of all secondary 1 and 2 and 3 sia!walao!

and then  i got no choice but to hang it there!and finalli i got mostli the pledge of npcc pledge right!lol......

not that i never memorise the pledge u know!I DID!but eventualli when i saw all my peers and sec1 and 2,

i feel so uneasy thats why!thats is the why i cnnt say the pledge right!then OMG!totalli so embarassing sia!

kimak!kk put this aside!nothing much reali happen today lah!watch movie go throught exam paper and then

go to do CDP!lol!and then today cdp lesson so bored sia!walao!and wanna tell all of u something!i gonna

say the npcc pledge and the normal pledge!OMG!how can i cope with it sia!kimak!i will be under stress!

AH!hope ppl dun see me and dun laugh at me sia!alamak!i dun know lah i feel so weird sia!can i dun do?!

i always get scolded sia!walao!NOT FAIR!soob soob!haha!lol so childish seh!hehehe!lol!lame sia!ki mak!

walao how sia?!i am scare sia!lol!hope me good luck can!i need some of ur support sia!if not i die sia!walao!

and then i hope that i dun make any mistake for that day!i dun wanna malu NPCC!later i got kill by the

violence teacher sia!lol!lame!alamak!kimak so sad and angry now!and tired!lol!but manage to type so

long haha!lol!anyway next week is a busy week seh!coz got cca and camp thing crush together sia!alamak

and then i got sec 1 camp sia!haha!and then not onli that i got npcc on that day also seh!monday got

cambodia meeting sia!alamak!budak ni!need to go see janaki face!lol!k lah got to go bb:)

Thursday, May 20, 2010 { 2:28 AM }

hello guys!today huiwei is here to type my blog again!lol!lame i know!never mind lah aiyo!anyway today is

the day which my mum take me to school everyday without fail!haha!lol!anyway i kinda sad and emotional

now i dun know why sia!i feel so cheated by .......!i dun know he is like a lyer man!he lie to many ppl around

him and lie to his partneer and ither ppl lah!i dun believe it!i used to like and love that persoin so much but

eventualli he lie on me!i am so sad!soob soob!

ok today wat did i do?lol!i mixed up man!hhahaa!i dun know wat i do also sia!haha!lol!lame!anyway today

i went to school at the time of 6.45pm and then go canteen find my friends!then after that got national anthem

and then juz nice it drizzzle!and wow!yeah!and then we go back to class and wait for our paper to be

distributed to us!haha!eventualli i did not reali score well in almost all my subject!WAIT!i did!in DNT!

lol lame sia!that is not important and i score quite well for it man!coz i got common sense ma!haha!

those who fail coz they got no common sense and never listen in class!hahaa!lol!anyway after that got a sms

from friend in school and then reply and reply and then suddenli he never reply me back!-.-''''

lame sia!haha!and then i stay back to do the video editing!i act as a teacher!OH MY GOD!

do i look like a teacher!i dun think so lah!haha!lol!and then i went to the campleader thingy lah!and then

nth to do juz bored and then after hat go home lorx!until now lah!haha!lol!hehe!juz ate mee goreng!

HAHA!k lah bb!:) have fun:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 { 11:54 PM }

 i am so bored this few days!i dun know why but honestli i am not reali happy bout it!.....

after quiting the life of having matair,i feel kinda bored and always nth to do...!i dun know why but this

is how it is suppose to be like!lol!well until now i kinda miss my 2 ex!lol!i think all of u know who!if

dun know never mind lorrx hahaa!i dun wanna mention again!why is life getting more and more difficult

on me man!i dun know why?!but i think this is fate!well i dun know i am kinda emo lah now!anyway

i am going cambodia next sunday!dun misss me k?haha!i know no one is gonna miss me coz i got so little

friend lorx...well i dun care and mind anyway coz that will not affect me anyway!no lah all i can say is that

it effefct me a bit lah haha!...well yesterday and today is the post exam activity day!well kinda bored!

but eventualli the movie is quite nice lah ponyo!hahaa!so cute the character lorx...!hahhaa!tak boleh tahan!

then i go library do survey!lol!and then got npcc cdp lesson!if u dun know wat is CDP(character

development program!)lol!a boring thing lah!hahah!and then i hate someone over there!i think he or she

know i mad and angry at him or her lah!dun nid me say but sureli he or she know lah!zzz!well i hate

that person not coz of anything but coz of a reason!well there is no reason i gonna tell here lah haha!

well i dun know why but teacher say my attitude is getting bad!wat the hell man!i where got bad sia!

me and afiqah is not the bad wan but the other wan is the bad wan and she never realise it man!

walao i feel so innocent!fine!i dun wanna care bout her anymore sia!she does not even care bout my

and afiqah feeling at all sia!all she care is wat she think she do and wat she say is always correct!

but well it is wrong!i hate it when someone accuse me for something i had not done!i feel like

going to die siol!nvm lah i dun wanna care bout npcc anymore so wat if i am the vicechairman!

hey i going cambodia and if u wan anything sovernir juz type at my blog!i will try to give u k?!

haha k lah bb:)

Saturday, May 8, 2010 { 12:46 AM }

  oh my god i haven finish my exam and now i am here to online again sia?!walao?!why sia?!

i also dun know why i am like that also!lol!hahaha!:) well i am here at l,ibrary sia?!hahaa!:)

well i kinda bored now and if i am not wrong,my chemistry will comfirm fail wan sia?!haha!

lol anyway i kinda bored now!zzz!wat can i do sia?!well i kinda kinda.................!hahaha!!!!!

lol!i am weird lah walao!hahaha!lol!i am so random lorx!anyway i seeking for LTR!hehe!

lol when can i get LTR?!zzz!lol!hahahahahahah!well i wan to say something i am totalli

given up hope on npcc sia?!i dun know why but i gave up!and i gave up on everything!

alamak!k lah got to go bb

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 { 4:19 AM }

 hello guys!long time never update blog liao!haha!kinda busy lateli.....!lol!......

well did anyone miss my blog update?!haha!i bet...noone....!lol!....sian.....well got a nice

news wanna tell u all!i got a secret sender who send me to school everyday!well wanna know

who?haha!erm..should i tell or should i keep it as a secret?!okok lah tell u all lah

its the white......fury......CAT!haha!haha!i know its lame....!well whenver i go school everyday,

it will follow me and then come and rub its body on me sia?!haha!lol!so nice...!and then whenver

i walk past the cat,it will came close to me!and then it went in the lift with me!haha!lol!

better then my mum siaol!opps!haha!lol!so bad sia me!k stop the story of cat now!wanna

tell all of u something!i hate syafiq from my class!i dun know why?i never offend

him and he come and disturb me!WTF!well i so flabbergaustered by him man!

walao!zzz!ok put that aside!why must zawani always touch my hair?!zzz!haha!oh my god!

haha!lol lame......!k lah gonna go act studing k bb