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Baby, don't say goodbye.

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School:Woodlands Secondary School [2008-Present]

About you:I'm Friendly and love to go out with friends:). i am very socialable!i am easy to talk to!!!
I love to stay at home but sometime 2 bored until i wanna go out and take a break!
honestli,i reali reali cnnt survive without my handphone.hahaha:)any problem call me 84885328 or add me at msn huiwei954@hotmail.com(fb also)

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Monday, March 29, 2010 { 8:14 AM }

 today is the worst day of my life!u know why?coz i am late for school!WTF!zzzz!1st time

leh?!never like that b4 sia?!walao!puki mak!opps!haha?!lol!?!lame!zzzz!then but after that i am

happy u know why?!coz i saw my favourite class!2C!haha!lol!their class make me proud and happy!

and then i decide to bring them to go out haha!to interact with one another!but i dun know where siol!

someone give me suggestion?!haha!lol!lame sia?!hahaa!:)wa!today is the best day of my life man!but soon

the best day will be over hehe!lol!lame sia!walao!haha!lol!lame!zzz!haha!lol!!!hhehehe!SIAO SIA ME!

nvm lah haha!k lah nitez:)

Friday, March 26, 2010 { 7:18 AM }

 hello guys?!i am back from the camp already:)hehe?!even though it is a good news to most

of u but it is quite a bad news for me because i am seriousli sad!I MISS 2C!i dun know why?!

i think i got bond with them but when had the bond started i do not know!i juz kinda feel as if

they were my children!haha?!but well kinda hard to say lah haha?!well i have been scolding them

since the camp start until now and onli certain campus complaint i believe!haha?!i juz kinda miss

them thats all i know!:( sad!and then i spent quite a nice time with them even though i keep

screaming here and there!lol!well!it is meant for their own good coz if not i would rather i

scolding my campus rather than other campleader and scolding my campers!well!i dun know

whether the campus like it or not i alsii dun know whether they enjoy the camp nt!all i know is

that i reali reali miss them!hehe!:(if campus see my blog,plz tag me!hehe?!:)i cry man juz now

at npcc?!wa!many ppl are shock sia?!walao!so throw face sia?!walao?!haha?!lol?!nvm lah!

haha!k lah i dun wan say much lah haha?!later throw more face!:P k nitez:)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 { 7:34 AM }

 hey guys long time never post something liao?!sad haha?!got miss me posting?!

haha?!i know all of u like to see my blog!lol?!ok?!anyway?!school is like a horror and hell

to me and is like my god holiday homework almost all never do coz got npcc camp sia?!wa sian sia!

haha?!not onli that man also can lots and lots of stuff to do:(sad?!lol?!hehe?!:) i am recentli busy

seeking LTR!haha?!lol?!nobody wan me sia?!cnnt get a suitable wan siol?!zzzzz?!and then

tomorow got nyaa camp!AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!scary sia?!lucky got afiqah help!hehe!lol?!haha?!

anyway link back to the baby?!i dun know who that person was and who the hell is that guy

or girl!my god?!if wanna be my secret admireer!plz tell me?!my god stop using those name!

it is so damn irritating and then haha?!nth to do!k lah guys have fun!nitez:)

Sunday, March 14, 2010 { 7:05 PM }

 sorie for long time never update my blog!not that i lazy!is that i reali got no mood!ai ya u all dun

know wan lah ai......?!well kinda break with someone and now seeking for LTR!lol?!so hard to

find sia?!walao dun know why?!juz feel that it is so ......?!dun know lah?!walao?!zzzz?!hehe?!

i reali got nth to type!zzzz!k see u soon!

Monday, March 1, 2010 { 11:50 PM }

 yo guys this is huiwei:)so long never update my blog!ahhhhhh?!got a spammer!i dun know

whose that man?!who can tell me who is the spammer?who is that *******baby?!siape sia?!

i gonna kill that baby if i got the chance!who is that baby?!anyway lets get back here haha?!

lol so random siol?!haha?!no choice sia?!this is my personallity!lol?!lame sia?!haha?!anyway

how are all of my friends man?!haha?!i think all of u kinda happy and stress coz of having lots

and LOTS OF HOMEWORK!haha?!kinda struggling with all my homework hehehe!?lol?!

lol not reali i call it struggling lah juz kinda dun care dun care lah haha?!why?dun ask me why?!

haha?!coz i am not that kinda person who tell reason for wat i had done and decide?!hahaha?!

anyway nowadays is so bored and tired and lots of homework!-.- lame 2 bad cnnt help it?!

anyway i kinda miss sharkie haha?!look kinda cute siol?!hahaa?!:)well today is kinda busy day

and not onli busy i also got no time to finish some homework sia?!hahah?!lol?!lame sia?!opps

nth wrong haha?!lame sia me?!walao?!so random also kinda bored now?!anyone wanna say

something to me?juz leave it at tag board hahaa?!lol?!i got so many campleader and cca

leader training siol?!so sad sia?!dun know why sia?!ahahha?!k lah got to go liao bb

:)love all of u:)