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Baby, don't say goodbye.

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School:Woodlands Secondary School [2008-Present]

About you:I'm Friendly and love to go out with friends:). i am very socialable!i am easy to talk to!!!
I love to stay at home but sometime 2 bored until i wanna go out and take a break!
honestli,i reali reali cnnt survive without my handphone.hahaha:)any problem call me 84885328 or add me at msn huiwei954@hotmail.com(fb also)

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Saturday, February 27, 2010 { 4:52 AM }

 hello guys:)today i am so happy man haha?!today got to meet sharkie haha?!!!!!haha?!

and then we spent our time together so i so happy ma?!haha?!hehe?!lol?!lame?!hahah?!lol?!haha?!

and anyway all of u wan to know who is BABY right?!well until now i still dun know who man haha?!

haha?!so sorie?!i never go find out sia?!haha?!:)i also dun wanna know also coz i dun know whether

that person is a guy or girl man?!i scare it is a he walao?!i am straight man!haha?!hahah?!lol?!and then today

spent quite a fun time with sharkie boy man haha?!and then we eat something and then have fun at timezone!

haha?!he gave me a watch haha?!do u all wanna see?let u all see on monday!?haha?!lol?!haha?!lol?!lame?!

and then today i play stacker and play house of dead 4 and then play photo hunt haha?!lame sia?!lol?!

and then today kinda doing this onli sia?!haha?!nth much already sia?!haha?!:)today waste kinda so much

money sia?!haha?!but worth it haha?!coz long time never have fun le?!haha k lah got to go?!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010 { 6:23 AM }

 yo guys todays is my birthday man haha!so happy sia?!dun know why!juz kinda excited!

anyway!i got some present from friends!haha!like bernice,khairiyah,tommy,cheezhou and ......!

well and many more hahaa!lol!so happy!i got a bag and a something which can be attach to

handphone thingy wan and then got x men origin wolverine game from my buddy!chee zhou !

haha!and then juz now i go out eatin with my mum!we go eat sushi!lol!so happy sia?!lol!

and then everything also happening well today!and then i kena bash by afiqah and khairiyah today!

alamak!so wet sia me!and then u know kinda funny also!haha!lol!k lah going to slp nitez

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 { 6:25 AM }

 it have been a long time ever since i have update my blog!lol!so random!

anyway i am kinda excited bout today activity sia!so happy and excited!hahaha!dun know why

i feel like i have been in a sad mood for a so long until a peson raise and rescue me from the hell

and unhappiness!well!i am kinda happy now someone gave me life and sunshine and make me

smile and make me happy and then got me out from somewhere!well i kinda happy that my

birthday is comin haha>!so happy sia?!dun know why i am lookin ofrward for it manand then i am

seriousli very excited!lol!well my buddy and me are havin the same birthday 2 kinda excited sia!?

haha?!juz dun know why and long time never post thing already!lol!so tired!haha?!k lah

i wanna slp  seee all of ya

Saturday, February 20, 2010 { 7:18 AM }

 hello!today is kinda fun haha!i dun know why?!i never have so much

fun b4 haha?!i went out with danial today and have lots and lots of fun sia?!

ever since the incident this is ever the 1st time i get so happy and excited and

u know have so much energy?!well..let me talk bout morning thingy ok?!coz

i have  alot of things to tell coz morning there is something which happen!

firstli,today i have npcc competition and then not reali havin fun and in a rush

of time to finish everything in 10 minutes wat the hell so fast where can sia?!

zzz!anyway the school is like wat sia coz their soil is so hard for me to peg!

and then we spent a long time pegging the thing man and then not onli that

all of us are seriousli very nervous bout the event man!and then at lwast we

finish flagstaff,tent and the gadget!lol!so tough!gonna make me go crazy!i think

we will not be able to enter to the top 50 school wan confirm sia>!coz we never

do very well sia!haha?!dun know why i feel so tired and restless during the whole

competition sia?!fk lah!haha!?!anyway then after competition kinda sad but at least

CI encourage us and not angry with us cool man?!haha?!now i know CI is so good:)

now let me talk bout afternoon then?!haha?!well..i kinda happy coz going out with

friend haha?!i long time never go out with him sia and then  i so random call him and

ask if he can go out sia?!haha!lol!?!and then we went to book the ticket to watch

percy jackson?!haha?!after that we went to timezone and play!wow!haha!so fun sia!

and then i spent all my money on timezone!not all lah haha!?!well u know my english

kinda....haha?!anyway after that we go library use com and read comics and then

we went to buy macdonarld and smuggle it in to the cinema haha?!lol?!lucky my bag

is big enough to fill all in haha?!and then we finish the whole show?!kinda nice?!

and right after the show i go toilet coz cnnt tahan i wan peee!haha?!lol!so disgustin !

haha?!k lah got to go bb

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 { 9:24 AM }

                   i dun know how long have i break up with firdaus effie already?!

  maybe 1 month or not even 1 month yet?!i dun know sek?!all i know is that i seriousli

fucking love him man?!i dun know why?!whenever i do anything,i still think of him?!

why?i dun know?!i kinda puzzzled woth myself 2?!why i miss him?why must he be so cruel

to me?!why?i love him more than anyone i ever met even my mum?!i concentrated on him all

the while and then in the end is a most shocking and unbearable news?!he turn straight?!

he will never know how much i cry that day?!noone will know unless of course i post it here?!

not onli i get this news i get a very bad news also?!he delete me from facebook?!soob soob?!

i never know that my life is so bad and so i dun know how to say!?why must he turn straight?

why?i dun understand?!why why why?did i ill treated him?or did i do anything wrong?i dun know

and then today i pass by bukit panjang all i think of is firdaus effie again?!my god?!i cry and then

worst thing my mum beside me somemore?!quickili i wipe my tear and gone back to a good boy?

why my mum friends live there?!why whenever i try to forget him but the memories keep coming 

back?i remember all the sad things and all the good thing?!i am seriousli a fucking ass hole why

why am i thinking of him now?!i dun know why sia?!i reali MISS HIM?!i dun know why?!

can someone tell me why?!i feel like hugging him and kiss ...?!but he is so cruel?!i .........?!

when  can i forget him?!when?someone tell me?!even if i break up with him for so

long,i still fucking thinking of him sia?!why why why?!i love him so much?!and then few days

ago npcc bus went by bukit panjang government high and i think of him again?!walao shit me sia!

why?why am i thinking of effie now?i reali dun understand!why?!juz maybe i stead with him for

so long and then still missing him?!why?!?!if he reali read this i think he will be thinkin

i am very stupid bastard and stupid crazy?!and ask me fuck off?!seriousli?!i wan to be

cruel to him but he juz make me feel so so un bearable to hurt him sia?!walao?!i .........?!

and wat should i do now?i reali dun know sia!?!fuck sia?!i wonder how much tears have

roll down my eyes ever since i break with him and he do all this thing hurtin  me?!i reali dun

know sia?!jibai fuck sia?!i fucking love him sia?!wat can i do?!i kinda sad?!i reali hope that

he read this and i also hope that he never read this?!i dun know lah?!should he read not?

i dun know sia?!GRRRR?!i still love my baby?!dun know why?!can someone tell me wat to do?!

plz...........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i needed suggestion!and a tight slap from someone!






PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I REALI NID U...................................................!:(




Friday, February 12, 2010 { 10:31 PM }

 hello guys:)i am now malaysia celebrating my CNY sia so boring sia?!

haha?!dun know why sia?i feeling so bored sia now?!and then if

i stay in singapore still much nicer and much cooler?!walao?!here so

hot sia?!almost burn my skin sia?!and then anyway gonna tell

all of u someone something!?i am now straight?!so dun disturb me and say

i am not straight ok?if not i might be angry and kill all of u man?!GRRRRR

i can be very violent wan let me tell all of u first?!if not all u mati?!haha?!

anyway i am very tired and bored now sia?!nth to do reali sia?!wat can i do?

i am so sad?!i wan do something nice?!any suggestion?haha?!:)

i am so bored now sia?!hhaha?!:)anyway i wan slp haha?!

lol?!juz kidding lah hahah?!i miss prince/cutie sia hahha?!

k lah have fun anything come and text me or call me i will call u asap?!

haha?!ok lah got to go bb:)

Thursday, February 11, 2010 { 4:09 AM }

 today is the day when i got my emotional not fix!understand?

dun understand right?!i know?!dun know why coz tommy tell

putera that i am gay and then he stay away from me sia?!walao?all

i want to do is be friends with him sia?!why cnnt seh?!is it so difficult to be

friends with someone?is it so difficult?!i reali dun understand?!it is my

problem with being a...and why must all of u care about me being that

or not it is my life!even though u are my friend also no use at all?!ok?!

let me tell all of u this!no one can change me from being .......!ok?!happy?

even if u are not also no use?!why cant i find a friend to talk to?!all my friends

are leaving me one by one?!why is it because i am ........?!even if it is why

are all of u mind sia?!why?!i dun understand?!whenever ppl whisper something

bout me,i reali feel like crying u know?!i feel that tears are hard to control the more

days have pass?!i think i reali cannot hold on anymore?!i reali think of transferring

school?!reali?!i am thinking of it?!i reali got no choice?!what choice do i have?

nth reali?!nth at all?!i reali cnnt tahan anymore longer!i wan to leave this place

at once and find a new area for me to live in?!reali i am thinking of it?!......?!reali?!

or should i turn straight?maybe or should i?i think i should sia?!reali?!if not noone

reali wan me?!reali:( i am so emotional now?!even when i type this i wanna cry?!

sian.........plz!everyone leave me alone?!i turn straight ok?happy?k


Tuesday, February 9, 2010 { 5:28 AM }

 hello guys welcome to my blog haha?!:)man haha?!

and then anyway i got a very tiring day today sia?!haha?!dun know

why sia then tomorow still got npcc and leadership training sia?!

walao so stress?!haha?!and then i accidentalli leave my paper at

mrs tong home room!shit sia walao cnnt tahan sia?!dun know why so

forgetful sia me?!lol and then no choice ma haha?!haha?!anyway i wonder

how tomorow will be like man haha?!hope that i can have a better day man

if not walao cnnt tahan the stress sia?!and then i am waiting for my

dearest ......?!haha?!cnnt guess right?!good sia?!haha?!make sure no one

guess it correct sia?!:)haha?:)and hope to be friends:)and then haha

influence him?!no lah kidding lah?!haha?!i where got so bad sia?!anyway

i got to go bb

Monday, February 8, 2010 { 4:22 AM }

 nth reali happen much today juz kinda bored and then today

not reali and also not happy?!someone make me angry yesterday and i

haven even heal my wound yet?!SHIT man?!why always this happening to me?!

walao where can like that wan?!anyway i am targeting my prince haha?!but

i think he dun reali like lah so i will wait or juz kawan?!haha?!:)lol?!happy go lucky?!

haha?!anyway today homework so much make me feel so stress walao?!

walao always like that wan and then tomorow ade npcc walao shit sia?!

and then ai yo dun know lah walao?!sian and bored sia?!k lah

got to go do homework lah haha?!

Saturday, February 6, 2010 { 6:04 AM }

 hello guys i am back to write on my daily post on my blog?!

lol?!anyway i kinda tired this whole week coz everyday got training?!

someone pitty me plz..........?!haha?!lol?!ok lah although it was tiring but

at least i work until the very end seh?!haha?!anyway,i am having quite

alot of fun today sia?!haha?!dun know why ever since i did not have .. i can

be so happy?!lol?!maybe Rady make me happy lah?!haha?!lol!he so socialable?!

and then he always say himself so boring but actualli he is not lorx?!haha?!

today i go timezone and have fun and then we also went to library to

use their library internet to do something?!no lah nth special actualli juz

that he is happy that he is able to have fun chatttin with his ..?!haha?!

lol?!so funny sia?!walao?!cnnt tahan sia?!and then i wan to say something?!

AKU NAK MATAIK?!lol!?zzz...i am still searching seh?!no one wanna help me seh?!

walao cnnt tahan them seh?!and anyway if reali there is a same sex marriage,

i will totalli allow it and agree with it man?!haha?!lol?!and anyway i am so tired today?!

haha?!k lah got to go bb

Friday, February 5, 2010 { 5:58 AM }

 hello guys i am back from my cca already lah hahaa?!

and then now some tired sia?!walao?!and then tomorow,

still got training sia?!wa boring sia?!why haven i find someone

now?!walao so bored and sian sia?!walao cnnt tahan seh!?

and then now so tired and so restless?!walao?!why like that walao?!

and then now i am so so tired sia?!walao?!why sia?!dun know

why sia?!today npcc is quite fun sia?!haha?!but a little tired

yeah?!tomorow meeting rady sia?!so happy?!finalli can go out

already seh?!haha?!k lah i gonna slp sia nitez?!:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010 { 5:49 AM }

 today is the most tiring day of my life man?!......?!i never gonna

believe that i spent all my school hours and my leisure time on npcc..?!

wa so bored sia?!walao?!and then somemore so late then go back

home sia?!walao?!i cnnt believe it man?!and then it is like wat the ....?!

my god wa?!so busy sia this few weeks?!lol?!have to all work on

campcraft sia?!i cnnt tahan sia?!and then that jun yi today say that

my leadership sucks?!is it?maybe?!i not good in controlling

people coz i am afraid that they hate me sia?!that is why i never

ever control people?!until now i reali believe it?!....?!i almost

cry when u say i am a sucks leader and say i am not performing very well?!

my dear gooddes?!is it true?!i ........i.............i............dun know wat to say sia?!

honestli seh?!wat i do also wrong so wat is the correct way of doing sia?!

.................?!i..................i.....................i..............?!nvm ?!i dun reali nid to explaint

myself lah?!sian ....................the mdm wong pergi so much homework sioh?!

and then i got so many things to do and then stress sia?!i never experience this

b4 in my life but today is the day i feel that living in this society and school is

harder than i thought?!.........................?!i .....................i......................i.........................

am tired...nitez....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 { 3:21 AM }

 hello guys?!i am back from my stupid and idiotic cca sia?!

haha?!opps so sorie sia?!haha?!today kinda very tired sia!?

haha?!and quite relax in some time?!haha?!coz i keep havin

my own break time sia?!haha?!so funny sia?!lol?!

anyway why ppl like to say i gay sia?!i reali dun reali know why sia?!

haha?!i reali dun know why sia?!why ppl think that bi and gay is

the samme sia?!bi is can like both sexual but gay can onli

like boy?!understand?!walao cnnt tahan those who cnnt

diffrentiate sia?!walao?!sian...?!walao?!

dun know why ppl so childish sia?!walao?!

haha?!k lah nth reali can write bout lah haha?!k lah bb?!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010 { 7:04 AM }

hello eveyone?!how are all of u lateli?!i am so tired nowadays?!

haha!and then now got alot of training sia?!haha?!got alot of training on

npcc and then got leadership training?!so tiring?!:)why teacher choose me?

must be i handsome and cute haha?!joking lah haha?!lol?!hahaa?!lol?!

and then today super tired sia?!walao?!haha?!lol?sian...........?!

and then like wat the hell sia?!haha?!:)and then today got alot of homework

never do sia?!but never mind lah haha?!tomorow aku

pergi skolah and then do haha?!:)lol?!good student is like that wan?!

haha?!k lah got to go bb

Monday, February 1, 2010 { 2:15 AM }

 today is the most boring day of my life man!hahaa!i dun know

why sia!juz feel kinda bored..haha!:)lol!anyway today reali nth special

happen in class except mr ng is being so funny in class and then

nth much reali happen sia!haha!juz kinda feel bored now!:(

and then i still got lots of homework haven done and then i am bored

dun feel like doing homework sia coz all so bored seh?!

and then WA so stress sia!walao!sian sia!walao!sian............

plz someone help me lah!help me find........!lol!!!sian....................!

walao k lah got to go .............