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School:Woodlands Secondary School [2008-Present]

About you:I'm Friendly and love to go out with friends:). i am very socialable!i am easy to talk to!!!
I love to stay at home but sometime 2 bored until i wanna go out and take a break!
honestli,i reali reali cnnt survive without my handphone.hahaha:)any problem call me 84885328 or add me at msn huiwei954@hotmail.com(fb also)

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Sunday, January 31, 2010 { 6:56 AM }

 hello!today update my blog kinda late!sorie!haha!

today kinda busy and kinda scare coz have to face my famili

members!haha!all of u think that i am crazy but i am not!

u know why?this is because i usualli dun reali used to seeing

my famili the whole day haha!:Phaha!dun laugh at me!:(

k lah today nth reali special happening except looking at my

parents day for so long sia!reali shock me seh!hahahaa!

anyway,today i went to eat breakfast with my dad and

then i other lor mee!lol!so undelicious!:(so sad waste money sia!

haha!ok lah not i pay money so nvm!lol!and then anyway

after that i stay at home to watch tv until around 2+

go sheng siong and buy something lah haha!nth reali special to buy

coz reali nth to buy!i juz buy onli vegetable thats all!lol!:)

and then my mum went sleep and then dad also sleep!

ai yo all my famili members slp lah hahaa!except me lah!coz

i am usin computer ma!lol!lame and then my grandma

wake up and cook dinner while all still doing their usual stuff lah!

and then after finish cooking,we ate our dinner and watch james

bond!haha!not 2 bad nice!haha!but abit crazy lah!lol!and then now

typing this blog!lol!anyway guys many ppl are sick this few weeks

includin my teacher!almost all sick sia!all my famili members sick except me!

haha!lol!k lah wish all of u dun fall sick k?!k lah nitez!:)

Friday, January 29, 2010 { 8:44 PM }

 today kinda bored but today i did something veery

blur sia!ahha!my father wan duck noodle but i bought duck

rice!then after that he wan green chili but i forgot put in

then after that he wan chilli but i forgot to ask the uncle put

for me sia!so sway sia today!sian!:(

and then today nth to do so bored sia!i dun wanna do

homework sia so bored and i am findin

new bf sia if not i willl be bored like hell sia!walao!

sian sia walao walao!juz now sleep for awhile but after

that,my dad wake me up and accompany him to go cwp

to buy dinner!fuck sia!why me sia!walao!why must i follow?

why why?.........................lol!anyway i juz finish my dinner

and then now bored haha !lol!k lah bb

and anyway look at me in school!

{ 6:27 AM }

 hello guys!i am feeling much more better now!haha!

and now kinda fun!lol!but today i am extremeli tired coz of the

campcraft lah!so tired and confusin sia!lol!and then need to do it

in very fast wan lol!sian......!tired.......and anyway today i am

also emo sia dun know why!haha!lol!!!:)haha!:)and i am bored now!

today nth special reali happen lah juz study and cca lah

haha!nth to do in class!nth special!k lah notez:)and i am

findin new .. soon!

Thursday, January 28, 2010 { 2:08 AM }

 hello!how are all of u now?today kinda relax and quite relief lah hahaa!lol!

anyway today go out with my friend rady!lol!kinda happy lah went timezone to play

for a while and then we went to eat macdonarld and then i got to chat with him

bout many stuff lah haha!and then we go chat  and then we went round the shopping

mall and having fun!reali!no joke hahaa!and then nth reali happen lah juz chatting!

and anyway,today school is kinda bored coz all the teacher is like .......!

lol!dun know lah i never listen  in class lah thats all i can say lah hahah!and then,

kinda bored also in school coz no one chat with  me sia !sian!lol!siao!lol!

and then finalli after school then i rush home sia!lol!k lah got to go sia bb!and

i am much better!:)hahaa!thx

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 { 2:38 AM }

i am single now!finalli that person tell me wat is going on!

he had turn straight!why must he finalli tell me now!i am so

so so...!dun know?!depress?!sad?!happy?!excited?!i dun know lah!

i spent my 4 months with him and i ......!dun know lah so confuse!!!!!

4 months juz finish like that!zzz!sian...!why why why?!now i onli

can treat him as a normal friend i think!no more ......!zzzz!wat can i do?!

i will be so loneli from today onwards!!!!no more friends!no more!

i am alone and have to survive alone!no joke..!no fun!no more!

everything is taken away from me!no more!no more!

all i have to do now is to concentrate and relax on school work

and then i have to find some new guy!make sure they are

loyal to me!i swear!i dun wan to get hurt anymore!!!!!

anyway today nth reali special happen!juz this incident!

...!i am so so..nth to do!now i am seriousli need to calm down!

i was crying and chatting with that person and that person never notice

i believe!in search of a new wan takes time and takes even more time

to find a new wan!.....!i wanna some calmess!and wish that noone

wanna insult me anymore!plz dun insult me anymore!!!!!!!

ok?!thx!k lah i got to go have some peace time and calmness!

haha!:(.........................!and tomorow i will have my cca!

k lah bb

Monday, January 25, 2010 { 2:47 AM }

hello!i am not going to say hi coz i am seriousli very

depress and in a serious bad mood not onli that i am sad

as well!all of u may dun know why but i think that person

know why!i dun know wat went wrong with us!it is juz that

i dun know?!i gotblurr also!i dun know wat happen?reali!

all of a sudden that person mention that he is tired and

does'nt wan to speak to me and then suddenli say because he is

in bad mood!and then now that person is so happy in school while

i keep thinking bout this thing?!wat had went wrong with us?

i reali reali dun understand!am i irritating?!i admit i am sometime!

why everytime i textthat person,he say he is 2 tired and then dun wanna

chat with me and then he say i call him so many time liao and

then he think that i never give him private time!did i DID anything wrong?!

i juz dun understand?!did that person got a new stead?or?i dun know?

or had that person gone straight?dun wan me anymore?!even if so why

must that person keep telling that still lovin me?why why why?why?

i dun understand?!is that person playin my feeling?or is that person

bored with me?or are we over?i reali dun know wat to do now!seriousli!

or is that person scare that i might be hurt when hurt that that person

dun wan me anymore thats why wan continue with me!i dun know!

if that person reali think that i might be in hurt if heard this,plz

i would rather end the whole relation!i dun know lah so confuse!

sian!.....!bored and depress now!!seriousli!wat does that person

reali wan?somebody tell me?!plz:(i reali feel like crying now!:(

wat had gone wrong!why is that person so cold to me since last week?!

did that person got a new date?is it?is it?soob soob!i dun know!

i am very confuse now!someone help me with this!plz!............!

i am tired.......wat should i do?!plz tell me the truth!:(i am

tired now not in a mood to chat with anyone bb!or is that person

too stress coz of me or who?did i give stress?i dun know!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010 { 7:44 PM }

      hello!today seriousli i am in a bad mood!

i dun know why!maybe coz of that person!

i dun know if that person is tired of me or..?

i dun know!that person also say that he dun know

either!that person say maybe in a bad mood thats

why so cold towards me!i dun know whether to trust

that person or not?i dun know!kinda confuse now!

wat should i do?can someone tell me wat should i

do?GRrrr......!bored!grrrr!sian.....!later cousin comin

to my house sia and then later will make my room messy!

especialli the very small cousin like around primary 5 i think

still not mature!zzz!walao!childish sia!anyway,i juz wake up

not long ago and then bath and then type something here!

haha!lol!anyway,tomorow i will continue more of wat happen

today:)and plz give me comment of wat i can do to that belove

person!zzz......!enlighten me plz:(!k lah bb got to go

Friday, January 22, 2010 { 9:10 PM }

 hello!everyone:)!how are all of u?

i kinda under stress now!coz of somebody!

and then that person like so cold to me this

few days sia!sian!sian!sian!today campcraft

quite fun hahaa!but sometime kinda strict!

lol!sian siao!walao!how sia!i so bored and

ten that person dun wanna go out with me

go he went out with his family members!:(

and then now stayin at home and emo!sian!

walao!and then ask people go out with me then

that  person say maybe onli!sian!and now i am not

going to out anymore!now gonna stay at home and

stare blankli at the wall!.....sian....!sian sian sian!diao!

wat can i do?theres nthing i can do!(honestli)

and then now i gonna rest and play game at home!!

sian sian sian!k bb!going to emo liao n going to be bad

mood soon

{ 5:16 AM }

 YEAH!!!!!!i got sergent rank!haha!

lol!so happy and excited:)lol!

and then so happy until i almost cry sia!

lol!no lah not that quazhang!lol!

anyway tomorow got npcc!wa so tired!sian!

lol!how sia like that!:Psian..........

wonder if many ppl come:(haha!!

anyway today training not 2 bad still

can cope with it lah haha!lol!:)

and then i wanna show off to all my friends!

lol!jian teng and yixun jealous!haha!!

yeah finalli!:P and then i bet tomorow

will be very tired wan i believe!hahaha!

siao!sian!diao!maybe nia not reali lorx!:)

haha!anyway so tired to type lei haha!

k lah nitez:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 { 2:42 AM }

 hello!everyone!i not reali happy today!

this is because we the whole class kena

scolded by mr Ng sia!walao!sad sia!

walao!siao!anyway i dun think wat is the

fun of disturbin teacher?!zzz!walao!

can be mature?!(opps)hahaa!(so angry sia)

hahaha!joking nia lah!walao!haha!anyway!

today is absouluteli boring sia!diao.....!lame!

walao!cnnt tahan sia so bored!anyway,

i finalli finish watch the show!hahaa!and it look

quite nice nia!lol!lame sia!hahaha!!lol!diao!sian!

anyway!i kind of tired also!tomorow also

got school!and npcc if i am not

wrong!zzz!sian sia!walao!diao!boring!


lol!i wanna slp sia but i also

dun wanna slp sia!lol!!!hahahaha!:)

anyway today nth to write bout lah

k lah bb:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 { 1:16 AM }

 yo everyone:)i am back to write my blog!

lol!so bored sia today!and then anyway got

to watch some video today!sianz.....!lol!!!anyway,

mr yiu let us watch a movie!so funny sia the movie!

lol!lame sia!diao...lol!!i kind of tired too!and then

juz now help miss yap decorate her home room!

lol!sianz......juz now JT are with me when we go

decorate miss yap home room!lol!!sianz....

i kinda miss .......!zzz!lol!!dun know lah sian!

and then i got a quarrel with him yesterday!

not reali quarrel lah walao!hahaa!

anyway,i got ok with him liao....

zzzz!but i think he kinda cold towards me lah!

i think lah walao!coz yesterday he never talk

much to me!sian...!hahaha!i wanna webcam

with people sia!:)hahaha!lol!!sian.............

anyway today lesson are all so bored wan!

walao bored sia!sian....!diao!

k lah got to go liao bb:)

have fun!

Monday, January 18, 2010 { 2:20 AM }

hello!kind of boring today!

i never do so many homework!

shit man!(opps)hahah!lol!anyway,

i wanna do my homework but

teacher is like wat sia give so many

homework lorx!zzz!so sian sia!lol!

anyway,i got some habit!

(i will sms people in the morning)

wat sia!lol!i also have the habit to sms

people after school!lol!how?

zzz!lol!never mind lah who

cares man!lol!ahahhaa!

sia lah i so bad sia!lol!anyway

today nth special happen lorx!

juz onli that i have to watch

some dvd lorx!zzz!sian!lol!!

diao.....!lol!hahah!nth to write lia

k lah have fun guys bb:)

Saturday, January 16, 2010 { 4:28 AM }

 today kind of happy!and excited!

hahaha!today got to go library!

and then got to eat macdonarld!

hahaha!as if like i so long never go

out hahaha!:)lol:)anyway,

today i am very happy!

and then today go library play com!

hahaha!and today the children

over there is so strange!isn't the

library suppose to be quiet?why is the

children so noisy?and the librarian never stop

them wan?must be the librarian never do the job!

lol!hahah!anyway,i reali reali happy!zzz!

hahaha!lol!diao...!i feel something not

worth it!jun liang from 3A work at mac

and then he never bring money and then

he took my french fries!walao so not worth it!

hahaha!!lol!!never mind lah!i am very

kind and good de!never scold him but juz ask

why he never pay me money nia!hahaha!lol!!

anyway i haven do all my homework!

ai ya tomorow do lorx!hahaha!diao!haha

:)k lah got to go tomorow update more!

nitez:)love all of u friends and

....... too!:) and anyway,sorie that my words

are so small!:)

Friday, January 15, 2010 { 4:23 AM }

 hello!kind of bored today

hahaha!buut so tired

haha!coz got npccc!lol!

anyway i went to drill

group today!but i think i will

be going to campcraft also!

i am so tired!lol!anyway i

kind of emo also!zzz!

hahah!lol!!k lah bth to write today!

who wanna go library tomorow?

go with me!hahha!:)anyway

i meetin him tomorow!

haha!:)1 month and 9 days!

is my birthday!hahha!

prepare to give me present!lol!

anyway k lah nitez:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010 { 5:56 AM }

 hello!i am kind

of tired today!zzz!

lol!lame sia!tomorow

got npcc sian lah!

hahaha!lol!have to go!

no choice!hahaa!anyway,

i am kind of excited this sat!

lol hahaha!i am also kind of quiet

in class i guess!hahaa!except

talkin to my best buddy!(hidayah)

lol!hahah!anyway who wanna

go library on sat?if u wan comfirm

with me lah:)mother

come home so earli today

shock me no time talk on

phone!sian!talk for 15 min nia!

lol!sian!lol!!k lah eveyone

remember to miss me ah!hahaha!

love all of u man!(as friend)

dun think negative!(i am pure)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010 { 12:31 AM }

 today kind of tired!

ahahah!then every

lesson i am so quiet!lol!

then onli chinese lesson i at least

talk a little!and then DNT teacher

talk alot of stuff!at least got

listen abit of them!i feel

so bored today!diao!...

anyway i miss .......!


i am goin library this sat!

hahhaa!!i am very sleepy

now lei!hahaha!k lah

everyone got to go!love

all of u:)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 { 4:04 AM }

 hello!today nth much

reali happen today!kind

of tired coz today do so

many homework!

DNT,maths!worst subject!

anyway lit in chinese so hard!


anyway those who view my blog

now plz remember to miss me:)

love all of u as friend!:)

k nitez:)

Monday, January 11, 2010 { 3:50 AM }

 hello!today nth special!

hahaha!but kinda fun also

ahaha!:)today havin

not reali fun and then

quite tired!hahaha!

today wake up late!zzz!

and then i almost got late!

and then i mix up some stuff!

and then quite blur today!

and then today lookin forward to

go home and then now lookin

forward to go sleep!ahaaha!

k lah got to go nitez:)

Sunday, January 10, 2010 { 6:12 AM }

 today nth reali!juz

went out with iskandar

shaowei today to buy

thumbdrive and then do dnt

homework!after that i went

to eat mac hahaha!

then juz now my dad

buy mac for me to eat!

lol eat 2 times mac!lol!

today so tired!anyway yesterday

i went to dads friend

house to swim and play com until

4am hahaha!k lah go slp liao

nitez:)love ya:)

Saturday, January 9, 2010 { 8:58 AM }

 today went out with


ayu and shao wei and some

other friend and then

quite havin alot of fun time!

hahaha!and today

nth reali special happen!

juz fun thats all i can tell u:)

hahha!!:)k lah have a nitez

sleep lah!:)

Friday, January 8, 2010 { 5:23 AM }


today kindda tired coz of

cca display day!and then it so

so bored durin lesson!lol!

and then teacher is not bad!

today i got alot of problem!

first,i hate all the malay boy

in my class!(no offence)

i am so tired today durin

the preparation!ahaha!

and then we do all the

drills and then i go give flyers!

after that i go give out and

chat with the sec 1 mother!

and then when i juz ask if

they wanna join then

they reject straight away!walao!

so bad sia!!walao!lol!!hahah!

nvm lah!have to get use to it!

k lah got to go lah

coz i wanna slp liao!

hahaha!k lah nitez!

Thursday, January 7, 2010 { 2:57 AM }


today is quite a borin day!

all i do is write read and study!

lol!nth much happen today!kindda

sad....nvm!now i cheer up already!

dun worry bout me!:)

today kinda miss.......!

lol!!hahah!!k lah got to go lah

coz nth to write today and anyway

yesterday i saw a irritatin guy!

but i ignore him!hahaaha!!!

:)so bad sia me:)

god plz bless me!:)

hahha!!k lah got to go

bye bye!:)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 { 12:58 AM }

 there is nothing special today!

anyway!today lit in chinese is so

difficult!lol!how?!die lorx!

hahaha!anyway i

lookin forward for cca

display day today!

hahaha!lol!!so tired and hot


anyway today i got to know more


k lah nth to write today

so i end here!k bye:)

have fun

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 { 2:33 AM }

 hello guys!how are all of u?

i presume that u all are fine!

coz i see u all so happy in school!

anyway today school is not 2 bad!

but kinda borin 2!(tired also)

anyway i got to know who my physic

and chinese teacher is and then today

got npcc!so tired!lol!!

never thought that i will be so tired!

coz i thought today test already go

home but i think i am too naive!

lol!!train us for so long but

treat us not 2 bad coz got give

water break!and anyway,kinda

fun chattin with friends:)

and anyway my class lots and

lots of malay!sia lah!can die sio!

lol!!but never mind!chinese tribe will win!

lol as if i am havin war like that!

today i know some new friends 2 like

(hiran)think so his name!dun know how

spell lah!hahaha!!!anyway this

friday is cca display day!so bored sia!

i wanna take over the squad

fast!and onli can take over at april!

lol!!anyway,i kinda miss .......

hahah!!!lol!!k lah see all of u

tomorow lah!have fun guys!:)

love all of u!:P

Monday, January 4, 2010 { 12:41 AM }

 todays was kind of excitin!

coz got meet many new friends:)

after that i get to see some unknown

teacher and i got to find all my friend!

i also manage to see myself wearin

long pants hahaha!!!lol!!!

so sad!i look so weird today

wearin long pants!lol!!!

so sad!and anyway guys

i so happy today:)hope

to be happy always!and

today ....... is not free!

.......got something on in school!

so sad!no time to

accompany me this 1 week!

sad sia!lol!!!hahaa!!!

k lah guys got to go

bb!see u tomorow!

Sunday, January 3, 2010 { 6:18 AM }

 hello!today i got nth

better to do!reali!honestli!

i dun know wat to do today


i juz did nth the whole day!

after that went sheng siong to


vegetable with my parents

 and they

are so naggy!they nag bout me

watchin too much movie!

so expensive!

wat the hell!!!walao!!

stress!and anyway

after that i went to buy my

school shoe and a jeans for


seriousli and totalli!i got nth to

do except this !and i haven


all the holiday homework!

shit man!hahhaa!!nvm!copy

lorx!i am good in this!:)

anyway!tomorow got school

sad sia!

lol!miss all of u all but i am

tired to go school sia!lol!!!

nvm!no choice!and i miss

.......!lol!!!juz finish

chattin with

....... onli!lol!k lah got to go


tomorow then see u guys!:)


Saturday, January 2, 2010 { 12:09 AM }

hello!todays is so borin!

lol!nth to do!juz finish playin

majong!lol!with my granny and

my maid!so fun but kindda

borin anyway!lol!!!so happy!2 days later

can see all of u!so nice!

but go school?sian!!...

lol!!!anyway i did nth much to coz

no one wanna accompany

me!sad sad sad!

HE is not free to accompany

me coz he went out

with his parent:Phahaha!

ok lah i stop writin here lah

have fun guys and miss all

of u!

Friday, January 1, 2010 { 7:27 AM }

 hello!haha!2 days never update

my blog liao!so busy sorie!!

yesterday is a NEW YEAR!haha!

so happy!actualli i not so busy lah!

juz went geylang nia!lol!!!

not doin anything which is strange ah!

is to eat buffet!steamboat!!

anyway,there is so many china guy!

lol!so smelli(so bad)hahah!!

anyway!today i went to CWP!

i went with MY FRIEND!

lol!it is true!:)i went to watch movie with

THEM!and then havin fun!i go watch

vampire assitant!if u wonderin

why i watch vampire show!coz I LIKE!

lol!funny sia!lol!!jokin nia!anyway,

i miss all of u so much!hope to see u soon

and 3 more days b4 school


(i dun think anything funny!)

sorie!!i random!so

bear with me:)hahaha!!!

lol!!!the show vampire assitant

is quit nice hahaha all

bout vampire!and then this

few days aku pergi

orchard!anyway i went there with my aunt!

coz they come to singapore from malaysia!

so i have to take them around!

so i brought them to Ion,

Ck tangs,paragon

and takashimaya!

lol!!nth to do so shop with them lorx!

sian...!nvm!!but at least i got the chance

to go orchard without my mum!

and after i went orchard,i went to

mustafa!lol!!so smelli!(opps sorie)

lol!!reali!and anyway after goin there,

i had my dinner at geylang and then

nth liao!!lol!!!And i got

lost in takashimaya!so embarrasin!

(line taken from aunty lucy!)hahah!!

k lah have a fun and excitin year!

k nitez and be happy always:)