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School:Woodlands Secondary School [2008-Present]

About you:I'm Friendly and love to go out with friends:). i am very socialable!i am easy to talk to!!!
I love to stay at home but sometime 2 bored until i wanna go out and take a break!
honestli,i reali reali cnnt survive without my handphone.hahaha:)any problem call me 84885328 or add me at msn huiwei954@hotmail.com(fb also)

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Monday, December 28, 2009 { 10:18 PM }

 hello everyone:)

it is me again!:)

just now havin npcc so tired!!!

lol!!wat can i do?

today so bored also!firdaus went out

with his family members and then

i have to stay home!got a fight with

him yesterday!die man!

but ok liao!juz now i ate 2 packet

of instant noodle!lol!!!i eat so much i know!!

and then i went to bath!!

lol!!!anyway juz now the test is so

extremeli tough!coz i never study!

erm..if u all wonderin wat test,

it is my npcc test!!lol!!!


i fail this alot of time liao!!lol!

in order to have my badge and rank i

need to pass this test!lol!!hope that i


the worst thing in the test is

i forgot npcc pledge!walao!!

i npcc cadets forgot the pledge!

so diu nian!(throw face)lol!!!

nvm lah!!at least i learn bit liao!

and today my muscle still cramp!

SHIT!opps!sorie!i mind my manners!

yesterday blogge something wrong!

laggy!hahaha!!!I wanna watch

alvin and the chipmunks!

and planet 51!(hintin someone)

hahaha!!!lol!!!AND juz now

durin npcc when the CI

teachin drills i am listenin

to bad romance coz

the DNT room got radio

and it is on:)so loud and then

i sing along!i onli remember this

part!"i wan ur ugly i wan ur disease!

i wan ur everything as long

as its free!i wan ur love!



i wan ur LOVE"!haha!

lol!so random!k lah

got to go have fun guys:)


Sunday, December 27, 2009 { 11:35 PM }

hey guys:)

i am back again!how are all of

u?are u all fine?i miss all of u man!

lol!!today havin quite alot of fun

goin out with firdaus!so fun!

so nice!!and then we go eat mac

!after that we went to timezone and play

house of dead 4!and there is 1 stupid

kid go throw all my bomb and leave me

with onli bullets!After that he take

my controller and play!!

walao make me cnnt play sia!!

lame sia!then i took my controller

away and play and dun care bout

him!he so irritatin sia!!

hahha!!and then we play ...

erm..i dun know the game name!


and then we go home at 5.30pm!

anyway today trainin so difficult

so tough!so tired!anyway tomorow

got npcc test also!so surprise!today

also got test!i think i pass!

lol!!k lah all

of u have fun!!!(readin my blog)

remember to miss me!!lol!!!

k lah i update more tomorow!

nitez and bye!:)

{ 6:49 AM }

 hello!i am back again!

got to tell u something!!!

finalli the irritatin

boy is not irritatin anymore

coz he got his playmate!!!


today went swimmin so tired!

especialli playin with melvin!!!

he so hyper sia!!cnnt tahan him sia

lol!!!(sorie melvin!)hahaha!!

i am tellin the true!reali!!

hahaha!!!muscle all so pain!


long time never swim liao!!!

lol!!!today bbq make me so full!

eat fishball,otak,cuttlefish!!

and...i forget!!!ya!beehoon!!

the main character is birthday cake!

i dun know who birthday!!!coz i never

sing the birthday song!!!

i went swimmin!!lol!!!

tomorow got npcc!!!so bored!!

i wanna stay at home and rest!!


tomorow watchin planet 51 with

firdaus hahaha!!!

he wanna watch so no choice!!!

lol!!!k lah i gonna go to sleep!

coz got many thing happen tomorow!

k lah have fun guys!!!(readin my

blog!!!)lol!!!k lah nitez:)

Friday, December 25, 2009 { 8:50 PM }

 Hello!i am back again!!!


today so bored 2 hahhaa!!!!

i ate abowl of laksa!!

lol!!so spicy!!

Dun know why,

 near my house that coffee

shop right always

nth to eat 2wan!!!

ai yo!livin near there

so sway!!!hahaha!!!

todays is the 3 month i know

that person!!so fast!!!lol!!!

ahahh!!!jealous right?

lol!!!jokin lah!!!hahaha!!!

but the 3 months is


And then this

sunday all my cousin

come to my house

and then go bbq to

celebrate my dad friends

son birthday!!!lol!!!

not my problem i have

to go anyway!!even though

that birthday boy is irritatin!!!

hahaa!!!so bad sia me!!!

lol!!!who ask him so irritatin!

cnnt tahan him sia!!haha!!!

then monday and tuesday

got npcc trainin!!!ah!!

dun feel like goin sia

but i have 2 go


i am "good"

student ma!!!hahaha!!!

after that maybe goin

out with firdaus!!!haha!!!

maybe nia not comfirm!!!

hahah!!!!k lah

i stop here for today!

i will continue more tomorow!

have fun guys:)and

have fun readin my blog!!!:P

Thursday, December 24, 2009 { 9:00 PM }

 Boring!!!!ai yo!!!!

chirstmas lei hahaha!!!!!

Aiyo!!!!no choice!!!!!

never go out celebrate!!!!

hahaha!!!no present this

year!!!!sad sad sad!!!!


wat can i do sia?

i onli can use computer

at home nia!!!


juz now i go learn how to rap

present hhahaha!!!!

lol!i never rap b4!!!!

hahaha!lucky i have

see how my mum

rap and then i learn

and follow the step hahaha

i rap it so niceli

hahha:)funny sia!!!!


how i wish someone

give me present and then

come and accompany me

:(hahaha!!!but that person not

free sia!!!hahaha!!!!

so all of u have fun

if all of u are

bored!can come and chat

with me ahahaha!!!

i will be delighted!!!


haha!!!!and once



{ 10:04 AM }

 hey guys it is



have fun and remember

to give me present!hahaha


we wish u a merry chirstmas
we wish u a merry chirstmas
and a happy new
year(which is comin

{ 6:58 AM }

 Hello!i am back again!

few weeks ago,i went to

thailand!so fun!!hahah!

i bought lots of clothes and

sovernir!haha!2 bad that

i cnnt watch tiger show

hahah!coz nid 18

years old and above!

so sad!onli can go

tiger zoo see real

tiger hahaha!!!last year i did

went to thailand but

i bought less clothes!

but this time i got my

revenge!i bought 10+ clothes

hahaha!!!!so funny!!!lol!!!

i got to hug a real

tiger and take pic!!!

so scary sia!!!hahaha!

cnnt tahan!!!before

i went home,

singapore,i was in the

hotel packin my stuff!

wow!laguage full man!!

lol!no choice!stuff all my

things in!!!hahaha!!!beside

that,i still got see many

gay man!!!ewwww....

hahaha!!so bad sia me!!

no choice!!!hahhaa!!!

k lah i stop here lah

i will type more


Wednesday, December 23, 2009 { 11:24 PM }

hello everyone!!!

how have all of u been lateli?

i am quite bored this few days!

but i did went to orchard to

shop!but going out with famili

members is quite boring!

so i always

emo in front of them hahaha!!!

todays is chirstmas eve!

so happy!

but this year cnnt receive any

present!so sad!:(

At least someone accompany

me!hahaha!i haven even finish

any of my homework!sad

sia hahaha!!!Juz now

go out with firdaus

and have fun:)hahaha

so happy:)i saw firdaus A

and jun liang also!hahaha!

so funny sia their chirstmas

hat!!!:)i eat 2 times

macdonarld today!so funny sia


give me present so sad sia

hahaa!k lah have fun readin

my blog:)

{ 9:59 PM }


Huiwei Here!

This is my official new blog.

Tag it!



See ya!

Ouh , n link me too!! :D